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Illinois Lawmaker Wants To Ban Lion Meat To Save The Species

lion meat bushmeat sad new fad in USA

Unbelievably, certain people in the United States have a taste for lion meat, and an Illinois lawmaker wants to do his part to keep this exotic trend from getting out of hand.   With help from Born Free USA, a non-government organization that strives to protect African lions from going extinct, Rep Luis Arroyo has drafted a bill that would make it illegal to possess, breed, or sell lions for meat. This move comes in response to the growing availability of lion meat in restaurants...

Lion Meat Tacos

Why do U.S. restaurants keep trying to sell lion meat? This month a Florida restaurant called Taco Fusion put lion tacos on its menu, and a California restaurant called Mokutanya announced lion skewers, its second such promotion in the past year. Public outrage rose up almost immediately, forcing both restaurants to remove the controversial fare from their menus.   Taco Fusion and Mokutanya were not isolated cases. “There have been about 10 incidents in the past two...

City Hints At ‘canned Hunting’

THE Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality does not want to give annual rates rebates to the Kragga Kamma Game Park and Seaview Predator Park, saying it cannot be sure that the two game parks are not participating in “canned hunting”.

On The 15th March People Across The Globe Are Marching For Lions.

CANNED HUNTING is a practice that is legal in South Africa, where lions get bred in captivity, hand reared for use in the cub petting industry, then when these tame lions are big enough, shot in an enclosure often drugged, for an enormous sum of money. - South Africa's lion population is shrinking fast; - These majestic animals draw visitors every year to South Africa and are part of South Africa's identity and culture; - Hunting farms that allow rich tourists to shoot fenced in lions ar...