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Second Tiger Drama For Australia Zoo

 A TIGER handler was reportedly knocked to the ground at Australia Zoo in a show on Friday afternoon in what has been described as the second scare for the Sunshine Coast tourist attraction in a month. Seven News reported on the drama but the Zoo was yet to issue any formal statement. A witness told Seven that "every adult stood and child gasped" after the male tiger apparently "pounced" on the handler. Zoo keepers reportedly had to help the handler out of the e...

About Canned Hunting

Canned hunting is very easy for a ‘hunter’: let loose in a small area to shoot an animal he knows that he always will hit his target with an 100% certainty. Traditional hunters are mostly against this form of hunting because they believe hunting is a sport. The animal must always have the chance to escape and the hunter must be agile to find and kill the animal. With canned hunting that is not the case. You know beforehand the location of the animal and the animal cannot escap...

The Con In Conservation

Right now in South Africa there are thousands of captive lions waiting to be shot by trophy hunters/thrill killers. This is South Africa's dirty little secret. More footage can be seen here:

Wildlife Killer

Here is a fine example of trophy hunters showing the "respect" they always claim to have for the animals they hunt, by posing for a picture having a good old laugh pulling on this dead female elephants tail they have just killed.

Canned Hunting

Dateline reveals the controversial world of 'canned hunting', where lions are bred and tamed in captivity ready to be killed by trophy hunters. For more on Evan Williams' story, go to the SBS Dateline website by clicking here.