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Botswana Minister In Lion Trade Scandal!

Christian de Graaff - Botswana minister in lion trade scandal

Original source: Botswana’s Minister of Agriculture, Christian de Graaff, is under fire after he exported a large shipment of lions to a canned hunting outfit in South Africa last month. De Graaff sent 22 lions to the Makhulu Game Farm near Boshof in the Free State. Employees at the facility, owned by Henk Vorster, openly discuss how the lions are hunted and their skeletons sold to Asian buyers. Some are bred for sale to international zoos.

Botswana Minister In Lion Trade Scandal!

Botswana’s Minister of Agriculture is under fire after exporting 22 lions to a canned hunting farm in South Africa.

Biologically A Woman Is The Giver Of Life.

Dear Melissa, I have to hand it to you. That pic of you sitting gloating triumphantly behind the huge male lion you killed has gone viral. I’m not saying that people aren’t admiring your big strong teeth or even your big strong breast implants. But your timing was all kinds of special. A week after we hear that the western black rhino is officially extinct, you post this picture of yourself on all your social media sites. Now you are front page news in many countries....

The Wildlife Conservation Society Reports

New peer-reviewed paper by the Wildlife Conservation Society and other groups reveals an ominous finding: most of the world's last remaining tigers -- long decimated by overhunting, logging, and wildlife trade -- are now clustered in just six percent of their available habitat. The paper identifies 42 'source sites' scattered across Asia that are now the last hope and greatest priority for the conservation and recovery of the world's largest cat.

Poachers Beware

The British government has announced that to help in the fight against the poachers it is to send one of the most respected and feared fighting forces in the world - The British Army Paratrooper –to work with wildlife officers in Kenya.