Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Tiger Girls
femal tigers at Jukani
Latin name: Panthera Tigris

For some reason Jukani's tiger girls try their very best to make it as hard as possible for the guides to clean their enclosures :)

Lucky for us we know that if you meet a tiger in the wild (or at Jukani), you never look it directly into the eyes. This is defiance in the tiger behaviour and it will likely attack.

We often get asked "Do tigers eat people?". Not all the tigers are man-eaters. Usually, when a tiger detects a human presence it stealthily runs away. The human smell does not (thankfully) seem to attract their interest. But a hungry tiger can become dangerous. Older tigers that lost teeth or are wounded by humans can lose their hunting ability. In cases when humans invade their territories, tigers' natural prey becomes scarce. That's why in India 50 persons are killed by the tigers annually. But then again, ten times more persons are killed by venomous snakes each year there.

Did you know? The Sumatra tiger is known to be able to swim up to 30 km in the sea and can take 15 m length jumps. Tigers are known to swim ceaselessly 5 km and to love water, because being of northern origin, they can hardly stand the heat. Also, a tiger can drag a 170 kg wild boar for hundreds of meters.

The white tigers can be seen in some regions of India and are the result of a mutant recessive gene. This means that both the male and the female must carry the gene (even if they are normally colored) to produce white cubs. These tigers are not albino; they have black stripes and blue eyes while albino tigers are completely white and have red eyes.

tiger at Jukani
tiger at Jukani

tiger at Jukani
tiger at Jukani

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