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Tiger Tamer Mauled To Death By Four Of His Own Big Cats

Four of his own tigers tragically maul circus tamer Ettore Weber to death, and then ‘play’ with his mutilated body for 30 minutes. A world renowned tiger tamer has been mauled to death by four of his own big cats, who then played with his remains for 30 minutes. Ettore Weber, 61, was mauled to death about 7.30pm last night at the Circo Orfei — Italy’s best-known circus. Weber had been rehearsing for his act when one of the tigers knocked him down before the other...

Wild Dogs - Africas Wild Wonders - The Secrets Of Nature

Africa’s top predator is the wild dog. Related to the wolf these carnivores are celebrated in this episode as we look at their highly social behaviour in one of Africa’s wildest and most predator dense areas, the Kruger National Park. Here up to 8 packs of wild dogs stick to their different territories or home ranges while hunting at dawn and dusk to keep their numbers strong. They may be top predator of Africa in terms of hunting, but they rank fourth in the list of strength…...

This Is Leo: The Connection Between Lion Breeding, Cub Petting And Canned Hunting

This animated video by explains the connection between lion breeding, cub petting and canned hunting. Please share widely.