The Jaguar – Panthera Onca – Is a big Cat that looks similar and is often confused with a leopard.

There are several differences though.

The Jaguar is somewhat bulkier and stockier than the Leopard and is considered the bigger of the two.

Depending on their territory & diet the Jaguar can weigh in at a whopping 96kg whereas the largest Leopards max out at about 80kg.

One of the most distinguishing markings you will find on jaguar is the merged rosettes along the spine which is distinctly different and darker to the rest of the body, whereas with a leopard the rosettes are evenly spread across the sides and spine with no difference along the spine.

The Jaguar is the cat with the strongest bite force slamming its jaws down with a force of around 1400PSI. Depending on their size - The jaguar is known to crush the skull of its prey.

Jaguars are found in the Southern Part of North-America and South America. You do find melanistic Jaguars (Jaguars that are all black) however not as frequently as Leopards that are melanistic.

Although Jaguars will also drag their kill up a tree for safekeeping, they are less likely to do so than Leopards. This is probably because they are the Apex Predator in their natural habitat and that there is no real competition from a scavenger that would take its food away from it.

Jaguars love water and often swim, they have been seen catching fish and some have been observed catching a caiman crocodile. This perticuar individual Jaguar has obviously developed this rare skill over time.