Did you know that the first childrens book was written in 1658 by John Amos Comenius called, Orbis Pictus.  This book included drawings about farm animals and the sounds they make "the duck quaketh” and “the lamb blaiteth.”  This and the fact that teaching about farms and farm animals have been part of the Scholastic teachings since the start.  Not only does it teach young kids valuable vocabulary but it also teaches them Social Skills and important information about cultures and our world.

Even if you live in a city your young child will have learned a bit about farm animals, it could be while singing songs like "Old McDonald" or reading books about Cows, Sheep and Pigs like "Moo, Baa, La La La". Thus going to a Farm Yard not only helps children increase their vocabulary but running around a Paddock like the one at The Farmyard improves motor skills.  

A benefit for the adults is not only building up core memories with your child, getting wonderful photo opportunities but also having a steaming cup of coffee from The Country Kitchen while the Farmhand entertains and teaches your children. 

The Farmyard has a Farmhand on duty daily to tell youngsters all about our animals living their best life in our paddocks. So you can sit back and let the young ones run around and enjoy the mini horses – for once – a horse their size, the Alpaca’s with their very unique hairstyle and the Turkeys falling asleep on their stilts.

The Farm Store will have treats available to purchase so your little ones can get in on feeding the farm animals.  Entrance to the Farmyard is R30 per person.  There is also the option to purchase a snack bucket for the animals.  The snack buckets start from R30 and there is a limited number of snack buckets available per day to ensure the animals remain on a healthy diet. 

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