We welcome media visits to the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary. Please contact Lara or Vijver to arrange a visit to our unique sanctuary.

Our wildlife sanctuary is located in Plettenberg Bay, 9km before it's sister sanctuaries Monkeyland & Birds of Eden.

Jukani is one of the greatest experiences with the world's fearsome hunters. Jukani is dedicated to the preservation and well being of carnivores by changing attitudes and minds of people. In this sanctuary you will find carnivores of all shapes and sizes like the mighty Tiger of Asia or the cunning jackal. The main purpose of Jukani is to change people's perception of these animals whether it is fear, hate, indifference, despise or worse the need to humanise (touch, play, cuddle, walk on leash, be photographed with).

There is after all ZERO conservation value in animal touching and the pet, play and pay practice so many attractions promote aggressively is simply and sadly wrong.

The animals at Jukani can be considered wild - none of them has had their spirits broken and none have been tamed.

Please contact us if you wish to film at Jukani info@jukani.co.za +27 (0) 44 534 8409.