Our mission is to maintain and manage a sustainable wildlife sanctuary for the various wild cat species and other wildlife in our care.

To use our wildlife sanctuary as a platform from which we can create widespread awareness about the plight of apex cats and other wildlife species.

To provide a permanent home and care for any wild cat species in need of an permanent sanctuary home.

To be the benchmark by which other animal organisations position themselves.

To preach the fact that there is ZERO conservation value in the humanisation of wild animals. The pet, play and pay practice so many attraction are promoting is simply wrong. We feel so strongly about protecting the animals in our care from humanisation that each of us has signed a Clause in our contracts binding the fact that we could loose our jobs if we engage in this unethical practice.  

If you would like to know more about this Clause, please have a look at Clause 2.6 - an extract from our contracts - attached as a file below. Or just email our Group Curator Isabel Wentzel curator@saasa.org.za for further information.


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