The pack is usually dominated by a monogamous Matriarch and Patriarch - They are the dominant pair.

The rest of the pack's dogs (yes they are canines) are subordinates to this pair.

The litter ranges from 4 to 8 pups, but litters of up to a staggering 20 pups have been recorded.

The pups suckle for 3 months and during this time, once they have gone off milk, they will be fed by other members of the pack that will bring them food.

Wild Dogs are very social and the whole pack cares for the pups - food will also be shared to weak or ill members of the pack.

After these three months, they will be taught how to hunt.

Although all predators will possess the instinct to hunt, the essential SKILL of being ABLE to hunt is taught to them by their parents.

Animals born in captivity are not likely to possess these skills as they would never have had the opportunity to be taught these skills by a parent that was a hunter themself.

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